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Emotions of the Crucifixion

        Greg and his wife Joyce are from a small church in the mountains of Bailey Colorado.  The “Emotions”, (as they have fondly come to call it), started out as a experiential art piece. There was no music, there were no monologues written. In the beginning it was meant to be just art pieces shown in a gallery. The canvases were to be displayed with explanations written next to the paintings. Greg began painting in  2009 and finished in 2012. He then went to his pastor to ask if he could display the collection of paintings in the fellowship hall. The pastor, Dr. Larry Kalb, then asked Greg to follow him to the main auditorium.  “Why not do it in here?”  That question sparked inspiration.  As the Holy spirit started to move the music and monologues were added.

        As time went by Greg decided to put on the production of the “Emotions of The Crucifixions” which is a compilation of both the canvases and the monologues and he decided to do it on Good Friday.

        He was told, to his discouragement, that in the past whenever something was planed for this day, there may be nine or ten people who would show up and they would not stay for long. They would simply come to pray and leave.  Still, Greg felt  moved by the Holy Spirit that this production had to take place.

        The night before the production his wife Joyce suggested that we should honor Our Lord for what He did for us. She suggested that we get a bouquet of red roses to place at the base of the cross.  That progressed into getting a bucket of red carnations for the congregation to place at the foot of the cross to say “thank you” to Our Lord.

        To their astonishment and joy the night of the production the church was filled to capacity! (Prayers had been answered). After the production was over, as the music continued to play the invitation was given for the congregation to come forward and present Jesus with a token of gratitude by placing a red carnation at the foot of the cross. With tears in their eyes, almost everyone in the church came forward.  When the parade of people finished filing past the cross there was a beautiful pile of flowers commemorating Christ’s love. 

        Being blessed beyond imagination, Greg, playing the grand piano, with moistened eyes and the Holy Spirit on fire in his chest struck the final Chord…“Well that was beautiful. Thank you Lord” Greg thought to himself.

        As he  was playing the piano during the performance, his back was faced toward the congregation. He remembered being told that there would be no one there after the production because people left after they prayed.

        When the music stopped and the lights came on, Greg gave a nod to the chamber for a job well done and to the volunteer readers. When he got up and turned to leave he found that the entire congregation had returned to their seats!  No one moved.

        “A small act of faith can move mountains along with a small church nestled in its shadows.”

you can contact Greg and Joice and purchase the physical CD copy.

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  • Mary Lou says:

    Just heard Emotions of a Crucifixion and had to tell you how wonderful the CD is, I got a copy to listen to from your father, he is my Pastor, You are truly gifted Thank You

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