Singer Songwriter


Gregory Amos Greer is a singer song writer/entertainer that has been performing for twenty plus years. His heart is for the homeless and the elderly.   You can find Greg and his wife Joyce ministering at long term health care facilities, While Greg sings to the elders of our communities Joyce passes out stuffed animals.

Because they have a heart for the homeless, Greg and his wife Joyce along with members from their church, try to get out at least once a month to pass out food, water sleeping bags, and clothing to the children of God who have suffered great loss.

The teachings of Jesus have played a great roll in  Greg’s life. The Word of God is something that compels and strengthens  his life to live for the resurrected Christ.  To Greg there is no higher power and authority than Jesus.

“The Emotions of the Crucifixion” is a project that Greg would like to take to the streets and parks of America and eventually the world. The production besides being a meditative CD, is also a full production that (with a few helping hands) can bring the story of Christ, and the price He paid, to any audience. As the Bible teaches, we are to “make disciples of the nations“. Greg is working toward the day when he can hear , “Well done good and faithful servant”.

One of Greg’s favorite stories is when  he went homeless to write the album “A Day A Night  A Day”. With visions of holy grandeur, Greg went out with the idea that he would stay on the streets of Denver for forty days and forty night to write an album that he would call “Forty Days“.  What he found was, that when exposed to the elements of  Denver in December, inspiration came much quicker. God was merciful and inspired the songs in the CD “A Day A Night A Day” in about forty eight hours.

Greg would like to invite you to walk beside him in an endeavor to do the Lords work. The mission is to disciple souls for the kingdom of Christ. Is there any greater calling?

Greg would like to invite you to go to his  ‘home’ page to see the album “The Emotions of the Crucifixion” and listen to the tracks . May you be inspired in the Holy Spirit!


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