Singer Songwriter


Greg began entertaining at Assisted Living and Total Long Term Health Care facilities several years ago. He used to entertain many different venues but has since decided that the Elderly have a huge need to be loved. He now entertains at Elderly facilities all over the state. Greg sings and entertains while his wife Joyce passes out stuffed animals that are donated by their church. They play a trivia pursuit game and ask simple questions. The person that gets the correct answer, with some helpful hints from Greg, gets a stuffed animal to hug and take home.  One lady came up to Greg and Joyce after the show while hugging her little stuffed wolf that she won. She said she would ‘treasure it always and every time she sees it she will think of the Lord’.  Another woman willed it to her daughter ‘to give to someone that needs love’ when she passed away. This ministry too has grown considerably. What started out with just a few stuffed animals has grown to passing out about fifty per week.  If you are interested in having Greg and Joyce come to entertain at your facility please feel free to contact them at 303-945-9289 or through Greg’s email address:

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