Singer Songwriter


Greg and Joyce have a passion for their homeless brothers and sisters. They go down to the city either on a monthly or bi-monthly basis and take food and clothing. Five years ago he started by passing out hamburgers and submarine sandwiches but this ministry has grown so large that Greg and his wife now take a group of people from their church with them and they do food themes such as Turkey for Thanksgiving, Ham for Easter and Brats for a summertime picnic. In the winter months you might find them down in the city serving up hot homemade soup and sandwiches with hot apple cider to drink. They get donations of clothing such as coats, socks, new undergarments, hats, scarves, boots to take down. They also take donations of toiletries such as soaps, tooth brushes and tooth paste, shampoo, razors, and lotions to their brothers and sisters in need. Back packs are a welcome commodity as it affords them a place to put their belongings and keep them clean and safe.  If you are ever in the area and see Greg and Joyce passing out food and clothing please stop by and feel free to join them in this blessing!  


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